Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee PC game free on Steam

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Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is a classic PC game that sells for $5.99, now the publishers of the game  Oddworld Inhabitants is offering the Steam version of the game free of cost for next 48 hours.

The game installer size is around 346 MB, it works on Windows 10, 7, 8, XP and Vista. If you are interested, grab the game before the offer expires.

Visit the game page on Steam Store: https://goo.gl/6MvWtr, click the ‘Install Game’ button and add the game to your library,  it’s free to keep forever.


abe's oddysee free on steam

About Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is a cinematic platform game developed by Oddworld Inhabitants and published by GT Interactive. It was released in 1997 for the PlayStation, DOS and Windows 95.

The game was released in Japan for the PlayStation under the title Abe a GoGo by SoftBank, with a Japanese PC version following in 2001. A GameBoy port was made of Abe’s Oddysee, retitled Oddworld Adventures, which was developed by Saffire Corporation and published by GT Interactive in 1998.

Abe’s Oddysee is the first of the five planned games in the Oddworld series. A remake titled Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty was developed by Just Add Water Ltd. and released on digital download platforms in 2014.

Abe’s Oddysee is a two-dimensional platform game in which players take control of the character Abe, to travel across separate screens: solving puzzles, navigating obstacles, and avoiding enemies.

The game starts with three lives, which these lives are lost if Abe is attacked by an enemy, touched by an obstacle, dropped from too great a height, or even holding a grenade for too long, respawning at the last checkpoint.

As well as jumping to navigate areas and crouching to roll under obstacles, Abe can break into a run to jump over large gaps or escape enemies, or tiptoe to avoid disturbing enemies, adding a limited stealth element to the game.

Abe can also use throwable objects such as meat, rocks or grenades to bypass enemies or destroy obstacles, though grenades have a timer and, as explained, will blow up Abe if he holds one for too long.


Abe has the ability to telepathically control Sligs (a type of non-player character) but can only use this in safe areas. Flying orbs in certain areas also prevent Abe’s telepathy by zapping him. Once Abe successfully possesses a

Once Abe successfully possesses a Slig, Abe can use them to attack other enemies and activate mechanisms dangerous to himself, and can then destroy them. Abe’s body is immobile and vulnerable whilst possessing someone else, whereas if his host is killed, control will return to Abe’s body.

Along the way, the player will encounter other Mudokons that he can rescue. By holding down the GameSpeak button and pressing various commands, Abe can command them to follow him, stay put, and activate mechanisms, as well as praise or scold them.

Sometimes Abe will have to go through certain procedures to persuade a certain Mudokon, such as responding to whistles. Mudokons can be rescued by safely leading them past traps and enemies to bird portals, which can be activated by chanting. If the player rescues at least 50 Mudokons during the course of the game, Abe survives the ending.

Throughout the game, Abe is attacked by Sligs, Scrabs, and Paramites. Sligs will shoot on sight, but cannot see through dark areas; Scrabs will attack anyone in their territory; whilst Paramites will attack in packs and become shy alone.

Elums are bipedal creatures that Abe can ride and communicate with by GameSpeak, although they will be distracted by dripping honey.

Late in the game, Abe gains the ability to transform into a demigod ‘Shrykull’, which can eviscerate all on-screen enemies. Abe can use this ability once after rescuing a certain amount of Mudokons at the same time