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Download Ocster Backup Business 6.07 for Free

Last year in December I shared a Promo for Ocster Backup Pro 6, now I’m sharing a free offer for its Business edition thanks to Flash 113. Generally Ocster Backup Business 6 costs around $50, but with below PcWelt promo you can get this software for free.

About Ocster Backup Business 6 :

Ocster Backup Business 6 is the business edition of Ocster Backup. It is based on the highly regarded backup solution Ocster Backup Pro 6 and retains all the great properties from it: easy to use, fully automatic and, above all, safe data backup. In addition it adds a great feature for businesses: it allows backup plans from multiple computers to be monitored from a single PC.

Features :

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How do I get Ocster Backup Business 6 for Free ?

  1. Visit this promo page, input required details.
  2. You will receive a conformation(link) email, click the link to receive Ocster Backup Pro 6 unlock code.
  3. Download Ocster Backup Business 6.07 installer from here.
  4. Install it , run the software, then click on‘ Click Here to unlock’ and use your unlock code to activate full version.


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