Obduction - Adventure Game Available For Free [DRM FREE]

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Obduction is a sci-fi adventure from Cyan the developers of Myst and Riven. The game received 76 meta score and 78 percent positive reviews from more than 1.3k users on Steam store.

The game sells for USD $29.99 on Steam Store and now GOG is giving away DRM Free version of the game for free.

This is a 48 hours giveaway and available till June 1, 1 PM UTC.

To claim Obduction game for free visit .

Scroll down and click the button on the giveaway banner to add the game to your library.


About Obduction :

In the game, you play as character abducted from Earth by aliens and transported to strange alien
worlds but with human elements within the settings.

You must explore and solve puzzles to figure out how to return home.

The game played out as an adventure game from the first-person perspective has the player
exploring the environment of several different worlds, which includes a mix of alien landscapes
and familiar human settings, solving puzzles and making decisions that can influence how the game ends.

The game features traditional navigation controls for first-person games as well as a node-based point and clicks system.

Many objects in the game can be selected and examined in a full three-dimensional view, allowing the player to discover possible hidden
drawers or features that aid in puzzle solving.

The game was funded via a Kickstarter campaign in October 2013 and was released in August 2016
for Windows-based PCs and for macOS it was released in March 2017.

A virtual reality version for Oculus Rift system was published in November 2016, while HTC Vive and
Oculus Touch versions were released on March 22, 2017.

The PlayStation 4 version was launched in August 2017 with a patch arriving shortly afterwards to support PlayStation VR.