Now Upload MP3 Files on YouTube

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youtube-musicWell,I think every one know that YouTube only allows users to upload video files,specially in MP4, MPEG,WMV AVI,and MOV formats and this video sharing platform doesn’t support or allow you to upload Audio or mp3 files.

However there are different tricks to bypass this issue,the most common way is make a video in Windows Movie Maker with your favorite mp3 music & pictures,then Upload it to YouTube. Though this not a tough task but it consumes a little more time. Isn’t there any simplest method out there?

Yes, there are methods which make this process easier:



Mp32Tube is a free online tool, which allows you to upload any MP3 files to YouTube.Mp32Tube integrates the Youtube API ,so you can upload directly to your Youtube account !





This free desktop app makes the whole Mp3 to YouTube process much simpler .All you have to do is download uMusic app, run it,the select the mp3 file, add pictures, and hit Create Video button.Finally goo to upload tab and select  the option of upload to youtube.

Download link: uMusic 0.3