The Note Game Steam Key Giveaway

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The Note is a PC horror game in which you have to find a missing friend, the game costs $5.99 on steam and now the game developer is offering steam key of this game for free. 

At the time of publishing this post, there are about 10586 keys are available.


About The Note Game:

Andy works in the SCP Foundation, a bureau dedicated to the searching and retention of anomalous objects. Andy, an agent of this foundation, was sent to investigate the abnormality of a city called SCP-599.


A few days later, no news was heard of Andy. Mike, as Andy’s only partner who knew him well, went in search of Andy and the city.Although when he arrived at his realization the city has changed, meanwhile Andy had left notes of his research of SCP-599.


Mike will have to learn of what happened in the city, and where Andy has gone.

Features of  The Note Game:

  1. Realistic graphics
  2. Perfect model of town, hospital, bunker
  3. Perfect background music
  4. Scary atmosphere
  5. Gather history


The Note Game Steam Key Giveaway:

To get the steam key for this game you need to complete 8  tasks listed below:

  1. Join the Lit Network
  2. Buy Steam Games/Skins With Huge Discounts!(no need to buy, just visit the site
  3. Join the g8z Republic of Gamers
  4. Join Rena’s
  5. Join Artwork Inc
  6. Rate this Artwork
  7. Join Trump Giveaways
  8. Follow TG’s Curator


If you are interested in this steam game (key) giveaway, visit this deal page, then click the ‘sign in through steam’ button and log in with your steam account details.

Next, you will be forwarded to the Giveaway page, complete the 8 tasks and click the ‘Enter’ button, you will notice Steam key, copy the key.


To add this game to your steam account, from your desktop launch the steam application and from the app’s main interface, click on ‘ADD A GAME’.

Next select the option Activate a product on steam and go ahead further by clicking on ‘Next’ button, in the next window click ‘I AGREE’ to accept steam subscriber agreement.

Finally, in the product activation window, copy & paste the steam key you received to complete the activation process.