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Security software provider Symantec is now offering $30 worth Norton Mobile Security  one year  Subscription for free to create security awareness  on the launch of  Sochi Winter Olympics and this free offer from Symantec will be available until the start of closing ceremony of Sochi Winter Olympics, the closing ceremony will begin on February 23 at 11 am (ET).

As everyone now using mobile devices to surf the web or do other online activities, similar to desktop’s, now we must have to opt a comprehensive security application to protect smartphones or tablets.  Norton Mobile Security is one such application that provides solid security to your mobile devices running on running iOS and Android operating systems, the application protects your private information from criminals , helps you to restore lost data  and  track  stolen device.

Anti-Malware feature is the main component of  Norton Mobile Security, this feature protects you from mobile threats by scanning for and removing malicious or spyware.The web protection feature in this app detects and warns you about fraudulent websites before you visit them.

Norton Mobile Security

Call & SMS blocking feature helps  to guard your privacy from unwanted calls and texts, also the backup service offered by this app allows you to securely backup the contacts and restore them to  your previous device or any other device that has Norton Mobile Security installed.When you restore a backup, you have two choices : Append or Overwrite. Append adds the contacts you don’t already have  on your device, where as Overwrite option replaces your current contact  list with the backed up list.
Anti-Theft feature is the second major part of Norton Mobile Security, this feature will be helpful if your device is lost or stolen, it provides several options for recovering your device using text commands (SMS) or commands from the Norton website.

Using SMS or texts, you can lock, wipe and locate your device and you can cause it to make a loud noise. The text message should consist of an action word ( lock or scream) followed by your passcode. Through Norton’s website, you can also lock and locate your device.In addition, you can launch your device’s camera to take a picture whoever or whatever is in front of it to help you retrieve it.

Other features include :  Identification of  annoying or risky apps on your device based on their behavior,  battery saving mode  stops live updates or scans when the battery is low until the battery is charged.

Key Features of Norton Mobile Security :

  • Protects all your devices
  • Helps recover lost or stolen mobile phones and tablets
  • Keeps your mobile data safe
  • Restores lost information
  • Protects against digital threats


Overall,Norton Mobile Security is one of the top Security application that doesn’t slowdown the performance of your device while protecting it, although the app works on Android and iOS devices, but it’s features are more inclined to Android OS.


Norton’s Sochi Promotion :

Just visit this promotion page, hit the ‘buy now’ button, next enter the coupon code as ‘stay_safe_NAM’ (also don’t forget to add Norton Zone™ 5GB Free) and hit the ‘checkout’ button. Now fill the form and enter your credit card details to get free 1- year subscription of Norton Mobile Security, normally $29.99.

Norton Mobile Security free for 1 year Norton Mobile Security free 1 year serial

1.Although it requires to enter your credit card details, it will not charge anything or you can by pass it through ‘Fake CC’.
2.Also ‘uncheck’ the auto-renewal option.

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