Norton Internet Security 2013 Free for 6 Months

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Last weekend we  posted  the news about the release of  Norton 2013 security products and also shared Norton antivirus 2013 free 180 days offer, today I’m here with similar workaround that provides Norton Internet Security 2013  ($40 worth)  6months or  subscription for free.

Norton Internet Security’s five patented layers of protection and powerful cloud features protect you from threats, no matter where you go or what you do online.The whole application has been developed to be extremely user friendly, so you should have no problem using it.

What’s New in Norton Internet Security 2013 ?

The main change you will notice in Norton Internet Security 2013 is the revamped interface. The style is similar to the previous edition, but it’s been optimised for touch screen,installing NIS 2013 on Windows 8 will provide protection to your system via a Metro app.   The 2013 version has a touchscreen-friendly user interface, Whatever you did with a mouse, now you can also do with your index finger.

The new user interface takes advantage of hardware graphics acceleration, this feature will  improve its responsiveness, than in the past.Both Intel and AMD include hardware acceleration in almost all Windows 8 compatible systems.

NIS 2013 will take advantage of Microsoft’s new ELAM (Early Launch Anti-Malware) drivers for protection during the boot process. By using ELAM, the NIS 2013 can control initialization of other drivers and suppress malicious drivers, rootkits, and other tough threats.

Although Norton Internet Security 2013  is built to handle upcoming  Microsoft OS windows 8, the latest version also works flawlessly on older Windows versions, all the way back to XP. Of course features like ELAM that are specific to Windows 8 won’t be available.

Other Major New features or enhancements:

NIS 2013  also provides  improvements in protection, the Insight file reputation database is now updated more rapidly, for instance; Insight technology has been incorporated into the firewall to improve the ability to detect and block malicious network activity.

The Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response (SONAR) system detects new threats based on their behavior,SONAR now works in Safe Mode to detect more threats via their behaviour.

Norton Power Eraser serves to eliminate persistent malware threats that may prevent installation of Norton products. In the past, users needed to download it as needed. Now NIS 2013 will install Norton Power Eraser and keep it up to date, so  even if an advanced threat disables your network communication, Norton Power Eraser is available on your PC to fix the problem.

Norton Internet Security 2013 Key Features

  • Stops all types of online threats from ever reaching you, no matter where you go or what you do online
  • Protects your most personal information when you surf, shop, and socialize online by guarding your browser, your passwords, and your private data
  • Active virus detection and elimination lets you share freely, without getting or passing on viruses
  • Protects without slowing you down or getting in your way
  • Cloud-based Norton Management puts you in complete control and simplifies protecting your various devices

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Norton Internet Security 2013 Free for 6 Months:

1.First download Norton Internet Security 2012 6 Months trail edition from here, install it and run the app.
2.Next on launching NIS 2012 for the first time, enter your email address to login to your account or create your Norton account,you will notice 180 days free subscription.

3.Now visit the Norton Update centre, click “Update me Now” button and download AutoDetectPkg.

Note: you can skip step 3 and directly download AutoDetectPkg.exe from here

4.Run the  AutoDtectPkg, you will notice  a product update is available notification on your browser, click continue and download Norton Download Manager

5.Next launch Norton Download Manager(setup.exe), the download Manager will automatically download and install NIS 2013.

6.Finally  restart your system and enjoy Norton Internet security 2013 activated with 180 days or 6 months license for free.



Note: If you see an error window from Norton Auto fix, don’t worry, cancel it and continue.