Norton AntiVirus 2013 Free for 6 months

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Today, we shared the news  about the release of Norton Antivirus 2013 and provided  30 days trail version links to try the new version.  But we think,30 days is very limited to download  & try the security product, so we are providing a free offer or work around that provides 6 months subscription of Norton AntiVirus 2013 for Free.  A one year/one PC  license of  Norton AntiVirus 2013 will cost $50, with below free offer you can save around $25.

Before going  to grab the free offer of  Norton Antivirus v20.1, take a look what the new version (2013) has:

Norton AntiVirus 2013 keeps your PC malware-free, it provides basic antivirus protection that stops viruses and spyware, so you can safely go online and share.

New Features in NAV 2013:

The main change you will notice in the new version is the revamped interface optimized for touch  and supports hardware acceleration.Installing NAV 2013 on Windows 8 will give you protection via a Metro app. Other major new features includes: Norton boasted  5 patented layers of protection to eliminate threats, improved SONAR Behavioral Protection & Live threat Monitoring, new Insight  module reviews a website reputation and lets you know  if  it is safe to enter your personal information. Also improved Network Threat protection, detects threats as they travel over a network and eliminates them before they can reach your computer.

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Norton AntiVirus 2013 Free for 6 months:

1.First download Norton AntiVirus 2012 6 months trail from this promo page.

2.Next,install the software and on the main interface of  NAV 2012, click “Subscribe”,enter your email address and create Norton Account.

Note: You will receive NAV 2012 license key immediately in your email inbox,  if you wish you can un-install  NAV 2012, then install NAV 2013 and activate with the received code, otherwise follow below steps.

3.Now visit the Norton Update centre, click “Update me Now” button,next you will notice  a product update is available, click continue and download AutoDetectPkg.

Note: you can skip step 3 and directly download AutoDetectPkg.exe from here

4.Run the  AutoDtectPkg, it will download Norton AntiVirus 2013 update via NAV download manger,  probably the update will be around 58 MB depending on your system architecture.

5.Next install the update, restart your system and notice  Norton AntiVirus 2013 activated with 180 days or 6 months license for free.

Enjoy Norton AntiVirus 2013 free for 180 days and save $25 !