Norton Antivirus 2012 free 6 Months License

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Here is a new promo or offer that allows all Facebook users to get free six-month license to full versions of Norton Antivirus 2012.Norton AntiVirus 2012 is a vast improvement compared to previous version, Symnatec has made dramatic improvements to its antivirus offering over recent years after scores of complaints from its loyal customers.

This antivirus applies the latest security technologies to give Powerful protection against viruses and spyware. Harmful viruses should be dealt immediately, if they are left on the computer, they are likely to cause more damage, installing an antivirus software can keep your computer securely and prevent any other threats. Using particular Norton antivirus 2012 will definitely allow you to access and explore the internet at any time on your PC and do online activities safely and securely.

Norton AntiVirus 2012 arrives new look definitely, which is very easy to use and installing the software takes about a minute.Also it doesn’t need a reboot once you’ve completed the setup. Compared to earlier versions, you’ll notice Norton AntiVirus 2012 takes up a lot less disk space and it leaves your memory better off – Norton is now one of the best programs for memory use.

Once the software is up and running, your system will be protected from both viruses and spyware in real time.Its Auto-Protect system runs constantly in the background, watching the files you access, detecting and removing threats before they can do any damage.Insight 2.0 uses data from other Norton users to warn you about dangerous files, and Symantec’s SONAR behaviour monitoring has been enhanced to pick up even more malware.

There are four scanning modes, “Reputation Scan”, “Quick Scan”, “Full System Scan” and “Custom Scan”, each with its very own configuration settings.The third one takes a lot of time and uses a moderate amount of computer resources, but it checks every single file on your machine to make sure you’re on the safe side.

Key Features:

  • Superior protection with fast scan speeds and low impact on PC performance
  • Stops viruses and spyware before they reach your computer
  • Online identity protection; parental controls management
  • Social network protection; browser protection; phishing protection
  • Network mapping and monitoring; antispam; smart firewall

Get six-month subscription of Norton Antivirus 2012 for Free:

1.First visit this Promo page : and click on “Start Download” button at NAV 2012
2.Download the setup file, run the file and go ahead for online installation,the installer is pre-loaded with  6 months free Norton Antivirus 2012 product key.

3.Once installation is completed, enter your email address and create a new Norton account.

Note: On the Norton page you must have noticed that the free offer is for new users only, so create a new norton account with another email id.
4.SO use a new email id for the account creation and get Norton Antivirus 2012 free for 180 days.


  1. Many thanks downloaded installed and works perfect- 180 days 🙂 and i think i registered on old account with already used email address, it doesn’t matter thanks again

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