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I used to use Norton security suite few years ago which was pre-installed on my HP PC and I still have memories of system speed problems or in technical terms “resource-hogging”. Now for last 60 days I have been using Norton 360 v4 from Symantec Corporation (NYMC) on my latest windows 7 PC, but I was amazed and loved  the number of features that are included in this very comprehensive package. Over the past 2 years, Symantec has continued to improve on their Norton line of products, which made Norton products easier to use and rely on low system resources

Norton 360 v4 an all in one security solution is based on Norton 2010, which not only provides protection to your computer from viruses, spyware, intrusions, and the latest online threats, Plus it also provides backup features along with PC tune-up options.

Installation and Interface :

Installation of Norton 360 V4 is very simple, the installation file is around 135 MB, it will install with in minutes and runs pretty smooth consuming minimal resources. After completing the installation of the software, then it will prompt you to create a Norton account, so that you can stay in touch with the Symantec Corporation, then run the live update aand the latest updates will be downloaded and applied. This can take up to 10 to 15 minutes depending on your broadband speed. I like this kind of installation, because whole process doesn’t require any manual intervention. That’s it Norton 360 is ready to protect your PC from internet bone threats as well as from system related issues.

Coming to the UI, Norton 360 v4 has novice friendly interface with all features being accessible from the main window. The UI is divided in to four sections which include : PC security, Identity protection, Backup and PC tune-up.

On hovering your cursor over any of these four sections, you’ll get access to ‘quick tasks’, which allows you to perform scanning , run LiveUpdate, manage backups and optimise your PC .

Also you can just click ‘Tasks’ tab on the top of the main window, which let you see a complete list of available tasks,  which are categorized in to 3 categories : General, Backup and PC Tuneup tasks.

Features and Performance:

Norton 360 V 4.0, is fully loaded suite with quite amazing features, this suite includes a antivirus, anti-spyware, a Firewall, PC tuneup, Pulse Updates that Checks for new  harmful files and softwares over the internet and Norton Browser Protection etc.

Another two excellent features are “Identity Protection“, which keeps your identity hidden when you make any online transactions and online backup facility, which  allows you to access and restore files that you backed up online anytime, from any system.

Other features include Norton Insight, SONAR 2 Behavioral Protection, and Reputation service which adds an additional layer of protection to detect viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other threats.

On looking in to these many features you may think, this can affect you system performance, but Norton 360’s impact on system resources is fairly light. I tested it on my Dual core Windows 7 PC which has 2 GB RAM, all these 60 days I didn’t find a flaw to report about it performance.

The comprehensive scanning will take around 5 minutes, on average only 25% of CPU being used during scanning and it takes around 20 MB of memory when system is idle.

According to me What makes Norton 360 v4 stand out among its competitors is the always up to date definitions – by the minutes.


Norton 360 v4 is avialble in two edition, one is a normal Norton 360 v4 edition which retails for Rs 3,409.99 (3 user license) and Rs 1,794.99 (Single user license) and other one is Norton 360™ Version 4.0 Premier Edition which retails for Rs 3,859.99 (3 user license) .

The only difference between these two edition is online backup storage, where Premier Edition provides 25 GB of online storage and normal version gives 2 GB of online storage.

My word:

Frankly speaking Norton 360 v4 provides industry-leading security without slowing you down and offers superior performance, improved protection, and easier and faster backups.

I suggest you to choose Single PC license version which retails for Rs 1,794.99 , because Norton Internet Security 2010 single PC version costs Rs 1,534.99 , but just for an addition of Rs 260 you will get ‘Backup and Restore’ and ‘PC Tuneup’ features and you don’t get these features for Rs 260 with another software’s. So it’s good value for money if you choose single PC version.

Still Unsure about the product? then here you will get Norton 360 V4 90 days subscription, plus 1 GB online storage for free, so try it now.

  1. You couldn’t pay me to ever again test or run any Norton product!!.So,it’s improved from “absolute crap” to just “so so crap”? Nearly every comp that comes my way to be repaired due to infection has Norton installed.Wake up people!!-They are “living on an old name” and their only true expertise lies in marketing.If you’re running Norton,you ARE infected.Bring it on fan boys-I’ve got the proof to back that up.Over 200 PC’s repaired over the last year-Norton uninstalled and replaced by one of the Free “A’s”-and only six or seven have been back with infections.Too bad you can’t install common sense along with a good working AV!

    1. Norton New versions are better in memory usage and so the performance. but it does not hide the fact that there antivirus function is good. Only yesterday our university computer got a virus named “peamik.exe” yes with fully updated norton. funny it detected PCPandora Installer as a trojan but not the virus.

  2. ONE WORD…..

    [[[[[[[[[[ K A S P E R S K Y ]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    Norton Have Pissed Up The Wall One To Many Times…

    I Hate People That Love This SHIT
    2) BACKUP FAIL 9/10 Times…

    Don’t Get Me Wrong WE SELL NORTON AT WORK….
    Some People Just Love It …LMAO… Thats Why We Will Be Fixing There Computer…

  3. Once I have tested Norton (a 3 month trial). It was qiuck and good. I did not buy because of the prize. But the program, in my opinion, was perfect.