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Norton 360 for Gamers is tailored to the unique needs of PC gamers. This Norton security suite is ideal for gamers of all skill levels, from casual to hardcore. It provides numerous layers of protection for your devices, accounts, and digital assets.

Norton 360 gamer edition has been specifically built to provide the greatest protection and experience possible for any gaming enthusiast by minimizing system load and avoiding intrusive notifications while still keeping their games safe. As a result, Norton 360 for Gamers is the powerhouse you need to maximize your gaming experience.

Because gamers dislike system slowdowns, leaked or hacked accounts, and game disruptions. If you don’t want to deal with these annoying issues, Norton 360 is the ideal solution.

Norton accomplishes this in a variety of ways.
Norton Game Optimizer optimizes your game by allocating as many CPU cores as possible to it. No more stuttering, just a more fluid game.

The Password Manager securely stores all of your gaming credentials and enables you to use unique passwords to boost your security. As a result of the optimization of notification settings, your gaming experience will be uninterrupted by distracting or game-breaking notifications.

Dark Web Monitoring, an Online Backup, a VPN, SafeCam, and more features are also available.

Norton 360 for Gamers User Interface

Norton 360 for Gamers Features:

  • Dark Web Monitor: Monitors and warns you when your personal information, such as gamer tags, usernames, and email addresses, is exposed on the Dark Web.
  • Secure VPN: Browse privately and securely using a no-log VPN that conceals your IP address.
  • Notification Optimization: offers greater control over which notifications can be permanently silenced.
  • Real-time Threat Protection: Multi-layered, advanced protection helps safeguard your devices from known and unknown malware threats.
  • Full-Screen Mode Detection: Device security for PCs that identifies when you’re in full-screen mode and mutes all but the most critical security warnings.
  • PC SafeCam: Assists in avoiding potential stream bans and embarrassment by alerting you to attempted webcam access so you can prevent them.
  • 50GB Cloud Backup: Cloud Backup for PCs that is both automatic and secure.
  • Smart Firewall: Assists in protecting your device and its data against harmful assaults and intruding eyes – even while in Game Mode.
  • Parental Control: Assist your children; monitor their online activity and uncover potential threats early on.
  • Password Manager: Assists you in securely storing complex passwords, credit card information, and other credentials online.
  • Anti-Phishing & Exploit Protection: Assesses the security of websites you visit and prevents known fraudulent websites.
  • Cryptojacking and Technical Assistance Scam Protection analyses incoming data and assists you in preventing potential online threats from reaching your computer.
  • Web Isolation Technology: Assists in ensuring the security of sensitive information entered online. Through the use of virtualization technology, you access the site via a Norton server rather than your own computer, providing additional protection against web-based attacks.
  • Device Security: Provides real-time protection against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware, and other online dangers on three devices.

Norton 360 for Gamers Free for 90 days:

Norton 360 Gamer Edition is available for $99.99 per year, below promo offers 90 days free trial period.

Note: This promotion requires you to provide a payment method (Google Pay, Paypal, or Creditcard); proceed only if you are fine with this requirement, however you can cancel automatic renewal after completion.

Visit the giveaway or promotion page, you’ll notice that the cart price is $0.

If it is not zero, enter the following coupon code: MSINGT90D70.

Continue by entering your email address, clicking “Next,” and logging into your Norton account ( or creating a new account).

Select a payment option (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or Google Pay) and click the “Next” button.

Norton 360 for Gamers Giveaway

Review your order and click “Agree and place your order” to confirm.

Keep an eye out for the order confirmation and license code in your mailbox.

Note: Auto-renewal takes effect after three months. It’s up to you to cancel automatic renewal.