Nokia N95 cool 3D Accelerometer Games & Apps

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Nokia N95 unique from other Smart Phones,becaouse it comes pre-configured with the Accelerometer Motion Sensor . One important feature of  Accelerometer is its ability to make any device motion respondent on which it is run .
After the API is opened to the public, many developers created very cool applications.  Below You can find some cool Apps.

First of all in order  to run these Apps and Games, First you  must have to Install Nokia N95 Accelerometer Plugin Package (N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis).

list of 2& apps,click on Titles to download:

1. LightSaber– is more like a fun application. Have a light-saber sound on your Nokia N95 just like Darth Vader in Star Wars. This produces sounds according to your phone movements.
2.Inclinometer– is a cool little application will help you while you in your car. Keep it on the dashboard and it will tell you about the level of your car.
3. Accelerinvaders is a game developed using the Accelerometer API. Control your ship using hand movements and protect your ship from alien attack.
4.Ball Game -is a very simple ball game in which you have to guide a set of balls through a marble maze.
5. Nokia 95 DJ -lets you simulate the iPhone DJ mode on your Nokia N95.
6.Rock and Scroll -is an application made by Keynetik. Functions like the Nokmote but has better sensitivity levels.
7.ShakeSMS allows you to read SMS messages just by tilting your Nokia N95 phone.
8. NiiMe– lets you control your computer mouse cursor or play games using the Nokia N95 bluetooth without any physical connection.
9.FlipSilent is a N95 app that will silent your mobile just by flipping it.
10.PyaccelerRometer N95 accelerometer based remote controller for mplayer on Gnu/Linux machines.

11.Activity Monitor by NRC (Download)

12.MovingBall by NRC (Download) (Video View)

13.Wattery screensaver by Psiloc (Download)

14.Groove Labyrinth by Bitside (Download)

15.Accelerinvaders by Luis Valente (Download) (Video View)

16.gBoarder by Stefan Damm and Benjamin Gmeiner (Download) (Video View)

17.CarMeter by Alexander Erifiu, Grammer Mario and Martin Legath (Download)

18.ShakerRacer by Andreas Jakl, Stephan Selinger (Download) (Video View)

19.xyz2NXT : control a LEGO NXT robot car with your phone. by Goodan (Download) (Video View)

20.BallGame in JAVA by BjoernQ (Download) (Video View)

21.emTube by Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz (Download)

22.Channels Media Service by Nokia beta labs (Download( (Video View)

23.Glogger by Glogger (Download)

24.FlipSilent by Tong Reng (Download) (Video View)

25.pyPiwo by Ariek (Download) (Video View)

26.pyRybka by Ariek (Download) (Video View)

27.NiiMe : Mouse Control with N95 by A2JSoft (Alcyone) (Download) (Video View)


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