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NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus Available for Free - Video Editing Plugin [$99 Worth]


NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus is a plug-in that allows you to add focus, create surreal scenes, and perform other tasks. It is supported by a number of popular editing software programs, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X., It is also accessible from within NewBlue Titler Pro.

This Video editing Plugin is available for both Windows and macOS devices.

Filters 5 Refocus includes eight filtering tools, including the all-new Light Leak and improved Dream Glow, to produce gorgeous light glows, focus the audience’s attention and create fantastic scenes. Filters 5 Refocus allows you to quickly adjust and correct your footage.

Tilt-Shift can be used to control the perspective by adding shallow depth-of-field by blurring foreground and background elements. Spotlight can be used to draw attention to a specific area of your scene by combining color, exposure, and shape. Change the look of your video with Frame Rate — make simple frame-rate conversions, stylish slideshows with rate and crossfade control, and more.


Filters Included in NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus

  1. Colorize
    Repaint with a minimal palette of solid colors to recreate the effect of a “colorized” black and white film.
  2. Dream Glow

By magnifying lighter parts with a subtle glow, you can create effortless light.

  1. Fish Eye

Distorts photos to give them the appearance of being viewed through an ultra-wide fishbowl lens.

  1. Frame Rate

Converts live-action footage into a stunning photo essay.

  1. Soft Focus

Blur video regions to smooth out harsh lighting, lines, or blemishes.

  1. Spotlight
    A versatile technique for drawing attention to your subjects and adding finishing touches such as background blur.
  2. Tilt-Shift
    Create depth of field in your video by highlighting a specific region.

  3. Light Leak
    Create and control your own light leaks to achieve the desired effect.

Get NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus  for Free:

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The Filters 5 Refocus plugin is available for both Windows and Mac devices; the installer can be downloaded from the links below.






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