New Apple patent shows virtual glasses (goggles)

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The U.S. patent office has released 2 new Apple patent filings,where you can see how Apple has been investigating a new display technology.The idea is that the user will not get tired at seeing images on a screen constantly by this developed a system,that simulate virtual environments by changing the images.The company says it has developed a system that would let users mimic an auditorium, a baseball park, a movie theater or other environment by giving them a virtual position in the theater and panning, skewing or stretching the picture to reflect the view.

So we might feel like in a movie theater, an auditorium or even a baseball field. Not only the images to fit the virtual environment, but also the sounds of the environment.

The most curious thing is that it would be a device like glasses(like wearable set of goggles), with a screen that would respond to the movement of the head and eyes to guide the image on the basis of that movement, there is also the possibility that other parts of body will also serve to interact with this system. Such a device would be capable of being able to connect iPods and iPhones.

As with most patents, it’s not known whether Apple has any intentions to translate its work into a production device. However, the patents were originally submitted in late February and it should be noted that Tony Fadell has been involved in its development, who is just leaving the company but is considered one of the key architects behind the iPod and its business model. The patent explains that the personal display device could attach to iPhones and iPods as well as computers and other more traditional devices.