Nebo, Note taking App for Windows 10($8.99) for Free

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Nebo developed by  MyScript is the best note taking app available for Windows 10 and iOS. This app on Microsoft app store costs $8.99 or  £6.89, now you can get this app free of cost but for the limited time period (18 days remaining).

To get this app, either launch windows store on Windows 10 device and search for the term “Nebo” or visit this page and click the  Get the app button, the app got a 4-star rating for 138 user reviews at windows store.


  • Edit and format with your active pen – Interactive Ink allows you to write, insert or remove content and space, decorate and apply styles, using only your pen.
  • Add rich content – draw interactive diagrams with elements that you can edit, delete and move around. Write editable equations; get calculated results or conversion to LaTeX.
  • Draw free-form sketches, and annotate pictures.
  • Export to Microsoft Word – handwritten notes can be exported to Word or sent via email. Headings, paragraphs, list, color, bold, highlight, are all preserved.
  • Smart layout – canvas is unlimited, blocks are resizable and ink will adjust to the new size and device orientation.
  • Search – search and find handwritten ink and text in your note, including in your diagrams.
  • Store your notes – organize your notes in pages, notebooks, and folders. Export or import your notebooks.


Nebo, a notetaking application showcases MyScripts high-performance handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology.

Available on the Windows and AppleApp stores, Nebo enables tablet users with active pens to write and edit their handwritten notes in real-time. Now, users can write complex mathematical equations, draw diagrams, sketch pictures and instantly convert to digital form for sharing, searching, and storage.

All of Nebo’s real-time digitized content –text, diagrams and mathematical equations –is editable with the stylus alone, providing for ease-of-use and productivity gains previously not possible with digital handwriting

With Nebo, users have the ability to easily edit and manipulate handwritten notes using an active pen and immediately convert it into digital form.Written input can also be formatted using titles, paragraphs and bullet lists.Formats, including layout colors and styles, are preserved when rendered into digital documents.


Diagrams, flowcharts, editable equations, freeform sketches and annotated pictures can be included into the note’s content. Nebo is device independent, allowing flexibility and responsiveness to digital ink based on device size and screen orientation.