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Nano Antivirus Pro: Free 240+ Days License

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Nano Antivirus Pro is a trustworthy and simple antivirus tool that won’t bog down your Windows PC with unnecessary features you’ll never use during an attack.

It is lightweight, fast, and effective in detecting and removing viruses, malware, and other threats. Download Nano Antivirus Pro today and protect your computer from online threats.

NANO AntiVirus Pro is clear in its purpose. It’s an antivirus software with a simple interface, safeguarding users from viruses and online threats. Also, it can protect against hazards specific to certain regions. Ironically, the “nano” in its name contrasts with the app’s significant role of safeguarding users from cyber threats.

Simple Interface:

The app’s design implies that the developers focused on simplicity and minimalism. This might give the impression that the UI is overly simplistic.

However, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work well with the current OS menus or that it appears outdated. It just gives a sense of emptiness, which, in this case, is considered a desirable characteristic.

Regarding features and customization, NANO will feel familiar to those experienced with other applications. It shares functional similarities with competing products.

NANO Antivirus Pro UI

Features and Options:

All the functions have descriptive names and are well-organized. On the Quick Start tab, you can find concise, fundamental information. Here, you can handle pending updates and virus definitions, as well as customize settings for full and quick scans. The software also allows users to choose specific actions from a provided list.

Real-time protection is also included. This feature is called the System Guard and possesses the expected attributes. Once enabled, your computer automatically scans newly downloaded files for malware, promptly addressing any threats. The Quarantine section performs a self-explanatory function similar to other anti-virus software.

Salient Characteristics of Nano Antivirus Pro:

  • Heuristic technology detects unknown malware
  • Clear and easy-to-use interface
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Multiple daily updates of virus base
  • Incremental updates for improved efficiency
  • Ability to cure infected files
  • Express scan option available
  • Real-time protection for files and the internet
  • Automatic scanning of removable media
  • Console scanner for advanced users
  • Mirroring feature for updates
  • Multi-user mode for shared access
  • Customization and scheduling of scan and update tasks
  • Interface customization options
  • Offline update capability
  • Password protection for antivirus settings
  • Game mode for an uninterrupted gaming experience


Nano Antivirus Pro: Get 240 Days Free License:

Download the giveaway version installer of Nano from either this link or this link [10.1 MB].

NANO Antivirus Pro Activation key

Run the online installer it will download the required files. Select “Recommend settings,” then click the Install button to start installing the antivirus software.

During installation, you will see an activation window similar to the above screenshot.

Enter your name, email address, and the below provided license code, then click “Next” to complete the installation process.

NANO Antivirus Pro License information