Mz Cpu Accelerator - Optimize and improve the speed of processor

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Mz Cpu Accelerator

Generally we can make an active application work faster by assign high priority in Windows (Xp or vista) default Task manager .This feature might do not come in handy because, when you try to switch between multiple applications in a short span of time, you need to repeat the same procedure, when an application goes from foreground to background.

For this purpose or if you like fine tuning your system’s performance then you must consider this software called Mz CPU Accelerator that automatically applies high priority to the foreground process, allocating more CPU power to the currently active tool . Mz CPU Accelerator automatically de-allocates CPU priority when a new active tool is used.

All this procedure, can lead to an enormous achievement gain. Also it contains an option that manages the cores of your processor. Another notable feature is that you can exclude any application from optimizing so that it will remain untouched even if the process comes to foreground.

This Tiny free application occupies just over 6MB of RAM ,also gives general information like CPU usage, and Clock Speed of the processor as well.

Official Website :
Download : Mz Cpu Accelerator 3.1