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MyScript Calculator: Handwriting calculator App Free for iOS & Android

MyScript Calculator is a really easy to use,  innovative and cool calculator app for your mobile devices, which allows you to do mathematical operations using your handwriting. Although the app is specially designed for Android devices, the math app is available for iOS devices(iPhone/iPad) also. The app takes advantage of the iPad format factor really well.

With the advent of  Smartphones, performing mathematical operations has been easy, but all the calculator and math apps will pop a keyboard and force you to use it. However MyScript Calculator app uses your touchscreen UI, there will be no buttons, so instead of typing an equation, you have to either use your finger or a stylus.

MyScript Calculator

The app recognizes handwriting very well, it can even take the improper scribbles on your screen and turn them into the exact equation you intended.  To erase an expression or number, just scribble over them or Crossing out.

MyScript Calculator is a powerful calculator, the app can do basic as well as complex mathematical equations. With this app you can do basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, also you can do percentages, square roots, negative numbers, brackets, and exponents.


MyScript Calculator basic maths

Students can use this app to solve equations in trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, logarithms, and constants. Although this is a powerful calculator app, it’s not a replacement for your scientific calculator.

With Myscript calculator, write your calculation on the screen and the result is immediately displayed. Easily edit your calculation using overwrite, strikethrough and scratch-out gestures.
Your calculation gets automatically balanced, use the “?” symbol as the unknown value.

MyScript Calculator doesn’t support statistical symbols such as β, α, and μ. Instead, the app converts these symbols into regular numbers.  Also, the app will not allow excessively lengthy equations.

MyScript Calculator supports following operations:

Basic operations: +, -, x, ÷, +/‒, 1/x

Misc. Operations: %, √, x!, |x|

 Powers/Exponentials:  ℯx, x, x2

Brackets:  ( )

Trigonometry: cos, sin, tan

Inverse Trigonometry: acos, asin, atan

Logarithms: ln , log

Constants: π, ℯ,


MyScript Calculator complex expression

Key Features of  MyScript Calculator:

1. Works on both Android  & iOS smartphones and tablets.

2. Use your handwriting to write any arithmetic formula

3. Write and calculate mathematical expressions in an intuitive and natural way with no keyboard

4.Scratch-out gestures to easily delete symbols and numbers


After installing this app, you will never need to use a standard calculator again. Although scrawling your sums on a virtual piece of paper may feel a little unnatural and clumsy at first, the apps slick handwriting recognition and neat scratch-out and strike-through gestures make it a pleasure to use.


Although MyScript Calculator is a free app for Android devices. However, it’s available as a paid app for iOS device and now its available free on AppStore.

Download Links:

For Android get it from Google Play.

For iPhone/iPad get the app from App Store.

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