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I just wanted to let you all know about a great program that I have just signed up with. It is called My Homepage Friends, and they pay you to search the internet. Now it’s not one of those programs where you have to do a heap of fake searches, or stay on a website for at least 3o seconds. All I do is use the yahoo search box as I would normally search google.

What Is My Home Page Friends?

My Home Page Friends is a paid to search program that pays you to search popular search engines like This program has a history of paying out its members and is paid in English pounds – meaning more cents per search.

How Much Can I Earn?

This is really up to you and depends on your searching habits. I have made approximately 200 searches in just over a week – probably close to 25 searches a day, and so far I have made $2.80 (Pounds not dollars) which is equal to US$5.55 from my seaches.

You may be thinking, 200 searches that seems like a lot of work for only $5.55, but lets think about it for a second. I am guessing that since you are a reader of this blog, you are a blogger and spend a fair bit of time each day on the internet. Right? May I also assume that while you are doing whatever you do during the day on the internet, be it researching your posts, finding new blogs to network and comment on etc, that you would probably use the google search bar or something similar over 10 times a day? I know I did.

Well all you are doing with My Home Page Friends is changing the search box that is built into your browser (this works with both Firefox and Internet Explorer) using the plugin that they give you and just search as usual.

At first it was a bit weird because I was so used to Google, and I thought Yahoo search wouldn’t be as good, but I have been finding exactly what I want just as easily with yahoo search – and I am getting paid to do it.

How Can I Maximise My Earnings

There are two ways to maximise your earnings from My Home Page Friends

  1. Search MoreType the website address in the search box instead of the address bar
  2. Referrals
    You also have the chance to benefit from those you recommend to My Home Page Friends. You get 10% of their earnings and I think even a small portion of their referrals earnings. This is a great way to more than double your income from this program because it is so easy to convert.

You should try it too.