Mx One :Free Antivirus for USB Drives

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In my Previous post on March13th I mentioned about USB Vaccine a tool (from Panda )that prevents attack of virus from USB Drives by Disabling Autorun.inf file.

So today I’m sharing another Free Antivirus software for USB Drives called Mx one Antivirus which is more powerful when compared to Pand USB Vaccine.

What is Mx One?
Mx One is an basic antivirus tool that can be installed either on your Pc or on USB Devices. Mx One is designed to protect removable storage devices like USB sticks (also known as pendrives), iPod ™, mp3, mp4, memoirs M2, SD, microSD.
If you click on option one , Mx One Antivirus will protect your system from infected USB devices, and if you select 2nd option Mx One will be installed on the USB device itself, thus enabling you to have an anti-virus solution with you at all time


Mx One uses a very professional looking and intuitive GUI. Virus database and program updates can be performed on or off line. Other key features include live protection where the program is installed (stops viruses from infecting your USB device), the ability to scan a device’s boot sector for viruses, ability to send samples of detected viruses, quarantine and of course custom scan capabilities enabling the user to scan remote locations.

Some Main Features:

  • Protection against: Viruses, Trojans, worms, and so on.
  • Compatible with any resident antivirus such as: Nod32, Kaspersky, Bitdefender. AVG, Norton, Panda, etc.
  • Real-time Protection
  • System “Check and Block”: neutralizes all viruses that attempt to infect your device while connected to a infected PC,even unknown viruses
  • “Guardian” module protects your PC from viruses even unknown USB devices that connect.
  • Only 1Mb of space required
  • Completely free.


Download: Mx One Antivirus 4.0

Official Website: mxone