Motorsport Manager Game for Android is Currently Free

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Motorsport Manager game is for those who enjoy managing racing drivers, in this racing management simulation game you take control of a racing team and lead them to international success.

Normally the game costs $2.99 on Google Play, but now the price reduced to $0 and this free offer will be available for only 7 days, the app works on devices running Android OS 4.1 and above.

If you like racing boss sim Motorsport Manager Game, get it free for your Android device from Google Play.

Motorsport Manager is a brilliant tilt-shifted simulator that sees you leading a racing team through the ranks, tweaking every aspect of the company to win as many races as you can.

This is a game about making your own Motorsports team and then hiring drivers, developing cars, and investing in tech. You’ll then put it all to the test in simulated races.

You don’t actually do any driving. Instead, you formulate a strategy and tell your team members when to take pit stop breaks, and make quick reactions to weather changes, crashes, and safety car periods.

Motorsport Manager is one of the most entertaining racing management game famous for its tilt-shift camera effect and fun visuals effects.The most entertaining part of the game is race day event where you get to pick strategies and tires for your two drivers and then watch the race unfold.

Motorsport Manager Features:

  1. This is your racing team. Hire drivers, develop your car and invest in technology.
  2. Work with your drivers to make the perfect qualifying lap.
  3. Formulate the ideal pit stop strategy to win races.
  4. Watch the race in real-time or jump into the strategy screens to take control of the action.
  5. React to weather changes, crashes and safety car periods.
  6. Win championships across the world to reach the pinnacle of Motorsports.