Mortens ShutDown: Turnoff or Reboot your pc automatically

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Mortens ShutDown is a very interesting free tool that was designed to shut down a computer at a specific date and time.using this software is very easy,all you have to do is just set a date and a time and the computer will shut off automatically by itself …

There are several shut down modes supported as there are a simple user log-off, or restart or shutdown or power off the computer.. Running applications
that would prevent the computer from shutting down can be automatically killed.

You can setup -Mortens ShutDown- to warn you before it really shuts down the computer. Furthermore you can abort the shut down procedure or change the time settings (remotely) during run by changing the INI-file.
Practically it’s more then a shutdown tool which also having a remote control option and more.

I think it will be more useful for certain ISP users which allows unlimited Night (eg:2amto  8am) downloads,especially it will be useful for BSNl Broadband users (INDIA) using plans like 500c or 500c+ e.t.c

DOwnload link: Mortens ShutDown-
Official website: hostalive