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Mortal Shell action RPG Free for 24 Hrs (value $30)

Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell is a third-person melee-focused action role-playing game in which players control one of a variety of “shell” characters with distinct play styles.

The PC version of the game came out on August 18, 2020, through Playstack. Cold Symmetry, a US-based independent developer, made it.

On its official website, it billed Mortal Shell as a “souls-like” game, but in reality, it’s just a streamlined adaptation of Dark Souls for those who don’t have the patience for the original.

This PC game, which normally costs $30, can be downloaded for free today only from the Epic Games Store. The deadline for this freebie is December 29, 2022. (4 PM UTC).

Visit to get this PC game free of charge.

About Mortal Shell Game:

You take on the role of a protagonist who has no identity in the game at all. At first, it’s not entirely clear what you’re supposed to be doing, but being obtuse is a hallmark of Mortal Shell.

Throughout the course of the tutorial, you will get a new body to inhabit, much like a ghost taking possession of a living person, and later on, you will get a sword. After that brief introduction, the game proper begins.

You enter a swamp that looks like an endless hallway and must be leading you somewhere. When you reach the first fork in the path, you get a glimpse of your goal. Locate the recognizable landmarks, and then follow the path you see until you reach Fallgrim Tower, your new home base.

In your search for a way out of here, you come across Sester Genessa, a mysterious guide. More visions in Fallgrim Tower reveal the whereabouts of three more bodies or potential hosts for your character to inhabit, as well as three more weapons.

It’s an action RPG (like any soulslike game), but there aren’t even that many role-playing elements in Mortal Shell. There are no levels, skill trees, or character classes to select from. In its place, you discover the four “shells” in the game’s first couple of hours.

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