More than 100 free applications for Mac OS X

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Using Mac is great, the problem is that most of the time, Windows users are reluctant to switch to a Mac. One amongst many reasons is that they found it hard to search for free software’s/applications for the Mac. Some of them have already switched to a Mac, but they’re still running Windows OS on a Mac.

It’s such an irony that actually there are mountains of free Mac applications available for us. After days of working on this, I’ve come out with list of free and useful Mac applications.


That’s why the Post published today in is very useful for novices and experts. Get a list of more than 100 applications compatible with OS X. It has taken the trouble to divide the programs by category (productivity, system, management of files, text editors, etc..) Also gives you a very brief explanation of each, the league and to download all the free programs.

Many applications are something obvious and easy to find (Firefox for Mac, for example) but others can be interesting to find.

Enjoy the list at And i any free application you liked  is not listed, what do you expect? we hope that to mention it in comments.

[via using mac]