Mobstac- Mobilize your Website

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There are several more reasons why you should mobilize your blog, making your site mobile friendly means reaching secondary traffic source (mobile) which is increasing day by day,there’s no doubt that more people are spending more time on the web via a mobile device of some sort.

There is already a number of tools available that can help you to create, monitor and monetize a mobile version of your site. However, the new service Mobstac from MobileMotion (a Bangalore based startup) looks very promising.

What makes Mobstac really stand out is it’s simplicity. Mobstac allows you to create a mobile version for any blog or RSS-enabled website with in minutes and it is completely free. All you need to do is create a Mobstac account, setup your website and install Mobstac wordpress plugin, then insert your mobilized Mobstac url, that’s it.

For Advanced users you can setup your own mobile url like, by creating a CNAME record and pointing it to your Mobstac url. As Mobstac is in beta stage, there is still more to be improved, you can also share your ideas by clicking
Feedback button at Mobstac website.

Currently Mobstac launched as an invitation-only beta release,Β if you are interested in Creating Mobile Friendly Version of your site with MobStac then leave a comment, so that I can send you invite code.

  1. kool… i want also to make it try… please send the invite code to me…