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Mobile Video 2.0 is an all-in-one Video converter, which helps you to Convert video-DVDs and video files for  all most all popular mobile devices, the supported device include Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune, Apple iPod touch & iPhone, portable multimedia players of various providers, navigation devices and Android-based smart phones.

Mobile video software helps you to convert DVD-videos (or single chapters) in the same quality as nearly all common MPEG-4-video files (e.g. DivX, Xvid and x264). The converter has easy to use interface, that allows you to convert videos that suits or compatible with your device.
It only takes a few mouse clicks to create video clips for your respective device from DVD-videos (or single chapters) or from video files of various formats and resolutions.

MobileVideo 2.0 Key Features :

  • Converts videos of nearly all source formats from one standard to another. The software supports reading and conversion of DVD-videos, single DVD-chapters as well as video formats AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, VOB, MPG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2) as well as MPEG-4 (DivX 3.11 to 6, Xvid, Nero Digital etc.) and MJPEG.
  • Converts video-DVDs (or single chapters) as well as video files with only a few mouse clicks into compressed videos that are optimally adjusted to your respective device.
  • For unproblematic and automated creation of videos the MobileVideo 2.0 provides integrated profiles, for instance for resolution, picture quality and bit- and frame rates, which guarantee perfect settings on delivery – but which can also be adjusted by the user.
  • Optimised device profiles replace manual settings, e.g. for Android-based mobile & smart phones, iPhone, iPod nano, Archos-, Cowon- and iRiver-players, GPX2 and many more. Detailed background knowledge about individual devices and/or long Internet research to find the correct options is not required.
  • The video conversion automatically considers the correct aspect ratio. Capable filters ensure optimum results when enlarging or reducing images.
  • Including integrated bitrate calculator!
  • The video conversion automatically considers the correct aspect ratio. Capable filters ensure optimum results when enlarging or reducing images.

Supported devices:
Android / Google mobile phones,Apple iPod,iPhone,iPod nano,Archos,BlackBerry Storm/Bold/Curve/Pearl,Commodore PCM-30,Centrix,Cliod CP / MX / PMP,Cowon A3 / D2 / Q5,Creative ZEN Visison,DivX/Xvid Mobile,EPSON P2000/3000/4000/4500/5000,GP2X, GP2X-Wiz,iAudio X5,iRiver H320/H340,iRiver PMP 120/240,LG T80,
Microsoft Zune,Handy 3GP,Handy MP4,iubi Blue,Mio DigiWalker C720/C720b,mpio FY1000,Palm Tungsten / Treo,Philips SA 51xx,Philips GoGear SA52xx,Philips SA 60xx,SanDisk Sansa Fuze,Sony PSP,Sony Walkman NW/NWZ,Targa H2010,TomTom One/Go,Windows Mobile.

Mobile Video 2.0 Free License:

Mobile Video 2.0 normally sells for 19.99 EUR, to grab it for free just follow below steps.

1.First visit this promo page(German), then enter your email address,First name,last name and click “senden” button.

2.You will get a conformation email from “Engelmann Media GmbH ”, click the conformation link and receive Mobile Video 2.0 license.
3.Download Mobile Video 2.0