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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal (Standard) Free License

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal is
one of the simplest most powerful data recovery utility,
it’s a must-have utility for home, office, and professionals.

As is known to all, Windows does not give any native recovery solution to users,
instead provides the Recycle Bin as the last line of defense. Once you have emptied out the Recycle Bin folder, you may regard those files are gone for good.

However, situations where data retrieval is necessary always happen.

For instance, you have unintentionally deleted or reformatted
a certain hard drive or external hard disk or
you have lost data because of a system crash, the only way to get lost data back is to use data recovery software.

Moreover, the sooner you take proper recovery tool, the more chances you can retrieve data.

But not all those tools can do the trick perfectly
especially when the operating system crashes or even there is no operating system.

Well, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal,
the highly competent toolkit which is able to
recover data even when the system crashes.

Losing important data as a result of accidental deletion,
power failure or a virus can be traumatic. Fortunately, this handy tool can help you to recover the lost files in the majority of cases.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers a choice of Five powerful recovery modules –
Undelete, Damaged Partition, Lost Partition, Digital Media and CD/DVD.

Just select the option you want and then select the drive, partition, device or disc to scan. To know more details about a module, hover your mouse on each module to know will exactly what it does.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal
All the modules are very easy to use – in most cases you just run a scan and then select the offered recovery option.

The Undelete function lets you
filter any found files by name, extension,
size or date, preview their content where possible, and then save the ones you want to somewhere safe.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal works on all file systems including FAT32, NTFS, and VFAT
can be used on both hard disks and flash drives.

If the loss of data has corrupted windows and is preventing it from starting,
there’s also a Power Data Recovery Boot Disk available.
This allows users to boot, access the recovery options and overcome the problem.

Supported operating systems:

Due to its high compatibility, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal supports
various commonly seen operating systems including
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.

Supported storage media and file formats:

The software allows users to recover lost data from mistakenly deleted, formatted or
virus-stricken hard disk drives, varying SD cards,
USB drives, memory cards, optical discs and other storage devices.

In terms of file formats, users can use the software to
recover image files, audio files, video files, and documents, etc.

Wide recovery range:


1. You are able to recover intentionally or unintentionally
deleted data by using “Shift + Delete” key.

Additionally, data retrieval after clearing Recycle Bin
gets possible with the help of the tool.

2. It works when certain hard disk drive, external hard disk,
USB flash disk is damaged or crashed due to certain reason.

Moreover, when they are displayed as RAW or ask for formatting, it can do users a great favor.

3. It can help users recover lost data from deleted or
missing partition or external hard drive securely.

4. It is able to recover deleted or lost digital media data
such as image data, audio data or video data from various storage devices.

5. It allows you to recover data from CD/DVD whose
storage theories differentiate those of other storage media.

Scanning options and settings

The software provides two scanning modes. If you have figured out the exact problem partition, you can directly open it.

However, you can execute quick scanning and
deep scanning command until the needed problem partition is found.

In addition, you are entitled to set scanning range

such as file format, file size, creation data of the file, etc
with the help of multiple features provided by the software.

The most eye-catching highlight of the software is file preview utility
which allows you to preview files smaller than 20 MB.

Superiorities to Free Edition

 Compared with Free Edition of the software which can only support recovering 1GB data at most,

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal is given with MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk.

It can recover data from storage devices connected to a computer even if the operating system crashes or boot error happens.

In other words, you can directly boot and run optical drive or USB flash drive without operating system support.



The software works when data are deleted or lost due to various soft errors.

And it supports multiple types of file formats.



There are no obvious drawbacks to mention.


Get  MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal for Free:

Simply download the personal edition installer

Install it and launch the software, click the register button and enter below license code to activate Personal (standard) edition.

License code: 9A8CB1-9C25F4-B20F43-DC55F7

Note: This giveaway code is valid till September 17th, 2018.

MiniToolPower Data Recovery Personal license code