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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free 6 Months License worth $45

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a helpful program for getting back lost files. It works in an easy and organized way.

You can comb your hard drive, CDs, DVDs, and other storage devices and use filters to narrow down your results.

You can even look at and preview the files you found and save them for later. The data recovery program can help you retrieve files that were lost or deleted by accident.

Today, when so much of our lives take place online, demographic information about users’ backgrounds and preferences is more valuable than ever.

This means we have an enormous responsibility to keep this information safe from being lost or stolen. That’s why MiniTool developed Power Data Recovery. It helps people in recovering lost information.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery 11.4-UI

All the scanning-for-recovery-starting features are straightforward and minimal, giving users an excellent overview of their options without overwhelming them.

After picking a desired drive, all you have to do is keep an eye on how the scan is going. The app will take care of the rest without asking you to do anything else.

Power Data Recovery’s filtering module has been revamped in the most recent release. With this, tracking down the lost information will be a breeze.

People using this Windows program can use different rules to make sure they sort the information in a way that helps them. This, along with the neat arrangement of folders, makes it much easier and quicker to find what they need. It’s much better than having a messy and confusing setup.

Get MiniTool Power Data Recovery for Free:

The full version of Power Data Recovery costs $89 per year, but with the license below, you can get six months of service worth $45 for free.

Download the software (trail version) from the developer page.

Install the program and start it up.

To activate this software, open the app’s main menu and click the “Key” icon, then enter the license code shown below.


Don’t forget to click the “Register” button.

MIniTool Power Data Recovery License Code