Minion Masters PC Game worth $4.99 for Free [Discord Version]

Minion Masters PC Game worth $4.99 for Free [Discord Version]

September 29, 2018 Off By Ramakanth

Minion Masters is a multiplayer strategy game, it’s a combination of tower defense and collecting card game, it allows you to control a small army of different creatures who madly follow your orders.

In this online player vs player (PvP) game you need to collect and craft minions with distinctive skills to build your army, then find their movements on the battlefield to defeat your opponent.

The Steam version of Minion Masters game costs around $4.99. The game developer BetaDwarf Entertainment is offering discord version free for PC users.
So you need a discord account to claim the freebie.
To get this freebie, visit the page and complete two actions to unlock redeem code.
Click ‘Redeem using Discord’, login to your Discord account and join Minion Masters Discord server to get redeem code.
Once you got the code, go to settings on your discord account.
Click on ‘Billing’ and enter the Redeem code you received.
If you didn’t install the Discord desktop client on your PC, download the app and play the game on your PC.

Minion Masters redeem code discord

Minion Masters Game Description:

Developed by BetaDwarf, Minion Masters Indie Game begins in a fantasy world which has different Minions And Masters. Gamers have to choose his Minion Master to start the game.

You have to command your minions during the battles with perfect strategies. The player has to set the place of his Army in Order to fight against the enemies.

The Armies have to claim the bridges and finally defeat the opponent master in the battles. You can upgrade your master through gaining special abilities after claiming the bridges.

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