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Empower Your PC’s Defense With Microsoft Safety Scanner

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Keeping your computer safe from online dangers is critical in this day and age. Now meet Microsoft Safety Scanner, a standalone, on-demand computer scanner that can identify and eliminate dangers.

With this PC security tool, you can have peace of mind that your data, files, and system are safe from viruses, spyware, and other potentially harmful software.

About Microsoft Safety Scanner

This Microsoft security solution provides on-the-fly scanning to detect and eliminate threats, in contrast to continuous protection software.

The host computer can be protected from viruses, spyware, and other potentially undesirable software with this multipurpose protection program.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Quick, Full, or Custom Scans: You Choose

Quick scan, full scan, and customized scan are the three main scanning choices, so consumers can choose the level of analysis that suits their needs.

It offers three primary scanning options: quick scan, full scan, and customized scan, allowing users to choose the level of analysis based on their specific needs.

The Quick scan identifies potential dangers by concentrating on locations where harmful software is most commonly detected.

However, while the full scan takes more time to finish, it analyzes the entire system thoroughly.

Users also can select which folders to scan, which is great for identifying potential dangerous file locations, thanks to the customizable scan feature.

Microsoft Safety Scanner- three scanning methods

Post-Infection Analysis and Reporting:

Once scanning is complete, Microsoft Safety Scanner continues to do more than merely detect threats. It provides in-depth reports that shed light on your system’s health.

This section will discuss how these reports can assist you in comprehending and responding to dangers.

A Complementary Security Tool

This security tool works alongside with your existing antivirus programs, complementing them rather than competing.

You should know that Microsoft Safety Scanner can detect malware and PUPs, but it is not a replacement for a dedicated antivirus program.

It can’t stop infections from happening in the future since it lacks real-time protection. Yet, it complements antivirus software, making it a useful security tool to have on hand.

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Update: On March 12, Microsoft released an update for this tool and pushed it to version 1.405.846.0.


Although Microsoft Safety Scanner is a powerful tool for detecting and resolving threats quickly, it is important to keep in mind that it is just one component of a comprehensive security plan.

It adds an extra layer of protection without taking the place of regular antivirus software, thus it’s best used in conjunction with one.

Microsoft Safety Scanner-Quick Scan