Microsoft Patches IE security hole used by chinese hackers

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If you’re still using Microsoft’s Internet explorer (any version) ,then this news (update)  is for you. Microsoft issued a patch (MS10-002 ) to close a security hole in Internet Explorer linked to the recent attacks on Google and other companies.

The update addresses eight vulnerabilities in IE, the patch -KB978207 was released worldwide at 1000 PST.This security update is rated Critical for all supported releases of Internet Explorer (versions 5.01 to 8).

Although Microsoft scheduled this patch to Feb 9 (2010), but it rushed to release the patch, as French, German and Australian governments advised their citizens to switch to a different browser until the hole had been closed.

Jerry Bryant, senior security program manager at Microsoft  in a blog post said that, Microsoft has known about the hole for at least four months and they planned for release of  a patch on the next scheduled Patch Tuesday (February 9).

Microsoft continues to emphasizes that only IE 6 can get taken out by the exploit and recommends upgrading to the newer IE 8, , regardless of patching.

Download MS10-002 patch
You can get this patch from Microsoft automatic updating service or you can Download it from here

But for this patch memory size (7.7 MB)  you can get  a more a secure browser Firefox 3.6 here.

    1. @Wish: yes Chrome more secure, but it still lacks features like flash videos and also it from another Internet Gaint Google, so there will be less privacy.

  1. Ramakanth, Firefox is a more secure browser, but your wording seems to be telling people to get Firefox in lieu of the update. Many applications use IE’s trident engine, which makes them vulnerable as well if the update isn’t applied. I just wanted to share that. Thanks for the heads up on the update, though! 🙂