Microsoft Fix It :A Gadget to Fix Problems in Windows

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It is not new that windows operating system is the one which is most prone to various problems and errors. Among the 3 largest (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) operating systems,windows OS is the one which crashes more and Microsoft know this.

However there are many Third party tools like Tuneup utilities ,ccleaner to solve problems in windows and now Microsoft launched a new service (gadget) called “Fix It,”which repairs many of the problems that arise daily in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

This is an  essentially  gadget for the sidebar of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and probably can also be used in XP ,but we have not tested it.


The gadget has a search field and a cloud of tags  that  helps to locate the database service to find   solutions available to solve problems that may occur frequently. The solutions displayed in the gadget include the name of the fix and the number of downloads. If there is a solution to the problem, click on the link that will take you to a page, which displays the same information and a download link to “fix”the problem and so we have to run script that solves the situation.

Moreover, in addition, the gadget will look for content in Technet and fixit project site in Facebook, to get as much information as possible about the problem affecting your computer.
More information: Microsoft fixit

Download : fixit Gadget