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Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts is a Video Course or tutorial that lets you learn how to analyze data with the help of excel pivot tables and Charts.

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Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Coupon

Description :

Microsoft Excel Pivot table and Pivot charts are one of the Powerful Tools for analyzing and manipulating the data .

It helps to analyze the data in different perspective to take importance and essential decision making in the organization. The pivot tables and pivot charts helps to calculate, summarize the data very quickly. Pivot Tables Allow to see comparisons, patterns, and trends by using our data.

What you’ll learn from Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Video Course:

1.What Is Pivot Table and Pivot Charts and Key Benefit of Pivot Table?
2.How to Normalize the Data for Pivot Table?
3.How to Convert Normal Data to Table?
4.How to Create the Pivot Table in Excel?
5.How to Format Values in Pivot Table?
6.How to Expand and Collapse Pivot Table in Excel?
7.How to Report Filter Pivot Table in Excel?
8.How to Refresh Pivot Table in Excel?
9.How to Create Bar Chart by Using Pivot Table?
10.How to Create Column Chart by Using Pivot Table?
11.How to Create Pie Chart by Using Pivot Table?
12.How to Create 3D Column Chart by Using Pivot Table?
13.How to Create Line Chart by Using Pivot Table?
14.How to Insert Slicer?
15.How to Connect to an External Data Source in Excel?
16.How to Create a Recommended Pivot Table?
17.How to Copy and Move Pivot Tables?
18.How to Delete the Pivot Table?
19.How to Clearing & Reapplying Pivot Table?
20.How to Copy the Values Only from Pivot Table?