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Microsoft Edge Users can now access the "Text Prediction" Feature

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A text prediction feature is being worked on by Microsoft that will use AI and machine learning to suggest words as people type in Chromium Edge.

On some Microsoft apps, you can already use the “Text Prediction” feature, but now the company is focusing on its browser to help users type faster. A feature called “Text Prediction” has been added to Microsoft Edge for users on the Dev and Canary channels. It was first found by Leopeva64-2.

How Text Predictions in Microsoft Edge Work?

The feature called “Text Prediction” predicts what you might type next. The prediction is shown as a grayed-out suggestion. When you press “Tab” or the right arrow, the prediction will be added to your writing, just like on Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Users on the Dev and Canary channels can use the feature right now, but it’s only for Edge Insiders. As if that wasn’t bad enough, only Edge Insiders who set English as their language in the United States can try out the new feature. But Microsoft says it plans to add more language support in the future, so we can expect it to be available to people in other parts of the world in the future.

Last week, Microsoft announced that the ‘Text Prediction’ feature for the Microsoft Edge browser would be available to Edge Insiders. For some reason, the company took a little longer to make it available to them.

Users will be able to type faster and with fewer mistakes if this feature is added to Edge. A tool that checks for spelling and grammar mistakes was added last year to the Edge web browser by Microsoft. ‘Text Prediction’ and the new Microsoft Editor integration will make Edge a lot more useful. Users won’t have to install third-party extensions anymore, which will make Edge even more useful.

This feature is turned off by default. Go to the Settings > Appearance > Games button to turn the feature on, then click it.

Microsoft edge Dev Text Prediction feature

Besides the new text prediction feature, Microsoft Edge browser has a new sidebar that lets users access the Gamepad panel, Bookmarks panel, and more.

Microsoft is also working on a lot of new things for Edge. It is working on a feature that will let people follow YouTube channels right from the web. Another exciting feature that will be accessible to Edge users in the coming months is the Followable web.

If you live in the United States, you can try out the new text prediction feature right now by downloading the Microsoft Edge Canary or the Microsoft Edge Dev.

You can get the browser from here.