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Microsoft 365 Word Tips and Tricks ebook FREE for a Limited Time

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Microsoft 365 Word Tips and Tricks ebook by Heather Ackmann and Bill Kultermann teaches you how to use the most advanced features and expert approaches for generating, editing, customizing, and debugging documents.

Packt, the book’s publisher, normally charges $27.99 for the ebook, but it is currently free for a short time.

It’s easy to learn and/or master Microsoft Word (whether it’s 2019/2021 or 365) with the nearly 480 pages of crystal clear use-case explanation and extensive screen captures in this book.

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In the form, fill in all of the important fields, such as your name and email address, or sign in with your LinkedIn account. Then, click the “Download” button.

About Microsoft 365 Word Tips and Tricks ebook:

In this book, you will learn how to use hands-on methods to solve problems and get things done quickly.

Microsoft 365 Word Tips and Tricks

You’ll start by looking at different versions of Microsoft Word and learning how these versions affect collaboration with other people, as well as looking at the features that are available.

Throughout the book, you’ll discover how to work more professionally and efficiently, both with others and on your own, by leveraging Word’s sharing and collaboration features, as well as the new reading and accessibility features.

After reading this Microsoft Word book, you will be able to identify and resolve common document-related errors.

What you will learn

  • Track a document’s changes as well as comment on and review changes by others, both locally and remotely
  • Use Word’s navigation and view features to improve productivity
  • Generate more consistently formatted documents with Styles
  • Perform common tasks through simple formatting techniques, Quick Parts, customizing AutoCorrect/AutoFormat, and memorizing keyboard shortcuts
  • Troubleshoot the most frustrating formatting problems experienced by Word users
  • Create more universally accessible documents by adding Alt Text using the accessibility checker and other Word features.