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Microsoft 365 for Dummies eBook (Worth $18) for Free-Limited Time Offer

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Microsoft 365 for Dummies is a complete reference to Microsoft 365, a subscription-based suite of productivity tools that includes Office apps, email, and cloud storage.

This Dummies edition ebook usually sells for USD $18, but for a limited time, you can get it for free thanks to Tradepub.

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  • This giveaway ends on February 21, 2023. The ebook has 355 pages and is 21.7 MB in size.

About Microsoft 365 for Dummies:

This book is written for new and experienced Microsoft 365 users alike, with the goal of improving productivity and streamlining workflows through the use of the software.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that provides various features for safe and efficient remote or in-person teamwork in the workplace.

Start your day with a meeting in Teams, check your email in Outlook, craft a document in Office, and automate routine tasks with AI—all with the help of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 for Dummies eBook

However, before you can make an impact in the modern workplace, you need to unlock the potential of this powerful solution. To accomplish this, picking up a copy of Microsoft 365 for Dummies is a must.

Using Microsoft Teams as your hub, this book will show you how to get things done whenever and wherever you want to. Learn the ins and outs of real-time online chatting, online meetings, cloud-based document collaboration, no-code app development, and even self-care through the lens of the internet.

This Dummies guide will provide you with the knowledge and instructions you need to maintain contact with and engage discussions with your coworkers.

Microsoft 365 for Dummies Highlights:

  1. Improve your teamwork with the latest best practices for meetings and working together from Microsoft Teams.
  2. Extend your productivity with Microsoft Office by incorporating Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote with AI.
  3. Automating your work with the Power Platform apps will save you time and make you look really smart.

Microsoft 365 for Dummies