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Mi TV 4A- Play Amazon Prime Videos Without Pausing

Use this simple trick and play Amazon Prime videos continuously without any pause on your Mi TV 4A.

First, on your Mi TV go to ‘General Settings’ and turn off the screen saver feature.

Next, download and install the prime video app on your Android phone.

On your phone launch ES File Explorer, tap on APP and long press on the  ‘Prime video’, choose the backup option and you should see the backup success full message.

Go back to ES File Explorer main menu, tap on internal storage and go to backups folder, you will notice the app.

Copy the app to a USB drive or removable storage.

Now on your Mi TV, go to the ‘Security’ menu and allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

Install the Prime Video app on your TV using the drive that you copied from your phone.

That’s it, enjoy movies on Amazon Prime video app without any pause.

Note:  Mouse and keyboard should be connected to your Mi TV.

You can change audio & subtitles using the  Menu (hamburger) button on your TV remote.

This method worked on my friend Mi TV 4A  with software version 1.0.2.

Whenever we play movies on the  Prime Video app after a few minutes the movie will pause and a black screen will appear, we have to move the mouse or hit any key on the keyboard to continue the movie.

This was repeating for every few minutes and its very frustrating. We searched google and tried many solutions, but none worked for us.


Somehow we tried above method, turned off the screen saver on TV and it worked for us. I hope this solution will be helpful for you too.

In Below screenshot, you can find the version of the Prime video app that worked for us.

Try with the latest version, if it doesn’t work get the app from this link.







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