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Memory Cleaner : Free Up RAM Quickly

MemoryCleaner (aka MemClean)is light-weight memory optimization application that help you to reduce the RAM usage on your PC and this tool will be very useful for heavy PC users or those facing a shortage of RAM.

This smallest and most reliable tool optimizes your RAM usage by checking running processes and the system cache.If you find your RAM usage exceeding 60% regularly, then MemoryCleaner is an absolute must have and the app is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Generally  most memory cleaning tools are not very useful because many of them use ill-advised techniques that are only relevant to older versions of Windows (pre-Vista).But MemoryCleaner uses Windows built-in features to effectively  free memory  with no performance impact.

After installing the app, it will sit on windows tray and from the tray icon you can access Memory Cleaner functions and perform operations without opening the main window.

Memory Cleaner,  not only  allow users to clear the system cache, but also allows them to trim processes’ working set. Both cleaning procedures are silent and the only alert you will see is the amount of RAM recovered briefly displayed in the window.

When you open Memory Cleaner ,on the main windows you can see all the information related to memory capacity,usage and two tasks to free up RAM, first task is Trim Process Working Set and the other one is Clear System Cache.

When clicked on ‘Trim Process Working Set’ option, it will free up around 50% RAM and increases system speed.To clean-up system cache click on Clear System Cache button and it will immediately clean it up.

Memory Cleaner Features:

  1. Trims processes’ working set.
  2. Clears system cache.
  3. Monitors RAM usage and reports minimum, maximum and average (true average, not (min+max)/2).
  4. Reports Pagefile and virtual memory usage.

Download : Memory Cleaner [497 KB]

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