MCE Tunes Express Free License

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Normally Windows Media Center Edition and the Windows Media Player doesn’t  provides support for iTunes file types. MCE Tunes, a plug-in allows you to access  iTunes media right from the Media Center.

There are three versions of MCE Tunes, this promo provides $15 worth MCE Tunes Express edition for free.

According to developer, MCE Tunes is a special plug-in developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows Media Center which enables it to play iTunes music (m4a and m4p) files right from the easy-to-use Media Center music navigation interface.

MCE Tunes Express Free License

  1. Visit the Promo PAGE, enter your First name, last name, email address and click on the “jetzt absenden!” button.
  2. With in few seconds, you will receive a confirmation email from ‘Software butler’.
  3. Click on the confirmation link and it will display MCE Tunes Express License.
  4. Download : MCE Tunes