MathCast : Editor of a Powerful Mathematical Equations

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One of the biggest problems with which we find ourselves is the difficulty to enter complex mathematical formulas in text editors.
To resolve this issue today we present to you MathCast, one of the interesting free software tool that specializes in allowing us to easily edit complex mathematical equations.

Thanks to MathCast, we can edit our equations and then export them to any classic text editor such as Msword or  OpenOffice through images or MathML file (also called Mathematical Markup Language, which is the standard language to express mathematical notations).

The key Features of MathCast are:

  • It works  with the most popular word processors, allowing the integration of mathematical equations within the documents of any kind: spreadsheets, lab reports or text documents.
  • Includes sharp rendering for on-screen reading and smooth rendering for high quality printing.
  • Supports output to picture files, including: BMP, PNG (Portable Network Graphics, the web’s free and lossless graphic format), and EMF (Enhanced Metafiles).

MathCast is absolutely free and is available for Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

MathCast Official Site | MathCast

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