Mastering Defensive Security

Mastering Defensive Security e-book, worth $49.99, is FREE for a Limited Time

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Mastering Defensive Security ebook by Cesar Bravo provides solutions for securing your Windows, Linux, IoT, and cloud infrastructure. This ebook is usually sold by Packt for $49.99, but for a limited time, you can download it for free.

To obtain a free copy of the ebook, please visit this TradePub giveaway page.

Simply enter your name, email address, and other relevant details into the form, or use your LinkedIn account to sign in. Then, click on the “Download” button.

This giveaway will end on September 22, 2022. The ebook is approximately 30.45 MB in size and contains 528 pages.

About Mastering Defensive Security e-book:

The book is for IT professionals who want to learn more about cybersecurity. It covers the use of tools like Wireshark, DVWA, Burp Suite, OpenVAS, and NMAP, as well as hardware threats like a weaponized Raspberry Pi and techniques for making Unix and Windows more secure.

But if you are a professional in cybersecurity, this book will help you learn about advanced defensive security fields like IoT, web apps, and the cloud. It will also help you deal with difficult topics like malware analysis and forensics.

Mastering Defensive Security eBook

The availability, integrity, and privacy of data are all at risk from the expanding number of threats, and each company has its own data and digital assets to safeguard.

The only way to ensure their safety is to provide trained personnel with cutting-edge defensive security techniques and technologies. Learn everything you need to know about modern cyber threats and the most effective tools and techniques for defending your network infrastructure from them in Mastering Defensive Security.

The book starts with a strong foundation of cybersecurity concepts and moves on to look at the latest security technologies, such as Wireshark, Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA), Burp Suite, OpenVAS, and Nmap; hardware threats, such as a weaponized Raspberry Pi; and hardening techniques for Unix, Windows, web applications, and cloud infrastructures.

As you read through the chapters, you’ll learn advanced techniques like malware analysis, security automation, computer forensics, and vulnerability assessment that will help you use pentesting for security.

By the end of this book, you’ll know how to use the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to make your own security tools and have advanced defensive security skills.