Masked Shooters 2 Steam Key Giveaway

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Masked Shooters 2 is an indie action game that costs $0.99 USD at steam,  now gleam is offering free Steam Key of this game. If you are interested in this giveaway, straight away go to the giveaway page and complete 3 simple tasks.


First login to your steam account and visit the giveaway page, click on ‘Join group FreezeNova Group on Steam’, then click the blue button which will lead to the steam community page, hit the ‘Join Group’ button and get back to giveaway page, then click the ‘continue’ button.

Similarly, proceed to the next task ‘Join group JulGames Group’  and complete the third task by visiting the facebook page of FreezeNova to view the steam key for Masked Shooters 2.

Copy the key or product code, launch Steam client from your desktop, then add the game to your library ( ADD A GAME –>Activate a Product on Steam) or check out this video.

If you wish to leave groups that you joined for this giveaway,  hover your mouse on your steam account name, select ‘Groups’ and utilize the leave group option.


About Masked Shooters 2:

Masked Shooters 2 puts you on the front line of a dangerous gunfight that can only end in victory or defeat; there will be no white flags to wave. As a covert ops soldier, you have access to advanced weapons that will blow your enemies away, if you know how to use them. From a pistol and sniper rifle to a grenade launcher and RPG, your arsenal is packed for a maximum kill rate, but it won’t be easy. Enemies have their own weaponry and your ammo is limited, so make every bullet count.

Key Features

  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Realistic shooting mechanics
  • Multiple weapons: Sniper, pistol, knife, grenade launcher, RPG, machine gun, ak47, grenades
  • Play offline or online
  • Brutal AI enemies for challenging offline play


Download Masked Shooters 2 for free on Android / iOS/windows 10 Mobile.