Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control

Malwarebytes WFC: A Free Tool to Effortlessly Manage Windows Firewall

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Malwarebytes WFC is a powerful tool for managing the Windows OS’s built-in firewall. At its core, the tool extends the capabilities of Windows Firewall by facilitating access to its advanced features.

Firewalls are an absolute must for keeping your computer safe online. In this way, they act as a barrier between your computer and the web. They act as a barrier to entry for anyone without proper identification or permission to enter. Windows Firewall is a fundamental firewall against both incoming and outgoing traffic.

A brief description of Malwarebytes WFC:

Windows Firewall Control is an option if you want to improve Windows Firewall’s capabilities and have more say over its configuration settings. The program was designed and developed by Binisoft and Malwarebytes purchased the company in 2018.

Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control UI

The program stays in the system tray and gives users quick access to the native firewall’s settings. It also notifies users when outgoing connections are being blocked and allows them to specify which programs are allowed and which are denied internet access. The user can filter both incoming and outgoing network traffic according to various criteria, such as IP address, port, protocol, and so on.

Malwarebytes WFC’s primary functions include:

  1. Enhanced Security: By allowing you to restrict network access based on criteria such as IP address, port number, and protocol type, WFC adds another layer of protection to your device.
  2. Four filtering modes: High filtering prevents all outgoing connections, medium filtering prevents connections that don’t match a rule, Low filtering permits all outgoing connections, and No filtering prevents all connections (turns off Windows Firewall).
  3. Simple to Use User Interface: WFC’s intuitive design makes configuring your Windows Firewall a breeze. You can access the firewall’s rules and configurations without digging through obscure menus.
  4. Customizable Profiles: Create custom firewall profiles for use at home, the office, and in public Wi-Fi hotspots. We can configure the firewall to sense a change in network status and switch profiles.
  5. Create temporary rules that disappear when their time ends, or we restarted the app.
  6. Firewall rules can be backed up and shared via import/export.
  7. A password protection option to safeguard the current settings from tampering.
  8. Reverting to a previous configuration in the event of an incorrect one.
  9. Access to comprehensive reports detailing approved and denied connections.

Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control Profiles

Download Windows Firewall Control:

On the website, you can find a link to download Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control.

The newest version of Windows Firewall Control is, which came out on February 15,2023. The program is free and has built-in support for 29 different languages.