Make your site mobile: here is why

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According to International Telecommunication Union (ITU), sometime in 2012, the mobile phone subscriptions worldwide will increase its growth up to 5 million.  It means that 70% of the total population of people around the world have mobile phones.  Interestingly, with the increasing capability of what we call “convergence”, we can now rapidly communicate to other people around the world.  Not only these, the innovation of your marketing strategy can make your business successful.  But let’s get now see what are the reasons why we should mobilize our site in order to get the success we want.  Here are the reasons why we should consider this idea.

1. Many people around the world has mobile phones and they are 70% of the total population world wide.

2.You can now reached the unreached customers.

3. Your can expand your marketing territory worldwide.

4. You can get customer’s mobile phone numbers.

5. You can use services of geolocation in order to turn mobile users into viral marketers.

6. You can add value by developing a mobile application.

7. You can integrate QR Codes into communications.

8. Secure your business items with great data base

website for mobile access.

10.Important aspect in web designing because people are accessing in the internet using their mobile phones.

Is your site mobile ready? care to share why your site should be mobile ready?