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Magrunner: Dark Pulse - Action-Puzzle Game Now Free

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Magrunner: Dark Pulse is a first-person puzzle game from ” Frogwares “, the game developer and publisher. Right now this game is available for free on Steam.

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Magrunner-Dark Pulse free on steam

About Magrunner: Dark Pulse

MagRunner is a first-person puzzle game, with a Lovecraftian aesthetic, set on an off-world facility which, during a tournament, rapidly degrades, as the energy required (and type used) to stream such an event to the people of Earth literally awakes Cthulhu.

There is a hint that his awakening is no accident. Behind the prize money and fame of the tournament hides a dark, secret intent by a shady group to bring the world to its knees.

Built on Unreal 3, MagRunner is a physics-based puzzle game explored through a first-person perspective. You play as a competitor in the Magtech competition, created by multi-national company Gruckezber, which aims to promote their magnetism based technologies.

The game has a decidedly Portal-like look to it, but you’re equipped with a “Magtech Glove” that allows you to change the magnetic polarity of objects around you.

Polarity is represented by the colors red and blue; everything is based on magnetism, and by messing with polarities you’ll make objects attract or repel each other in various ways to solve environmental puzzles, make your way deeper into the strange world around you and ultimately discover the secret behind the world’s descent into madness.

You are Dax, one of seven Magrunners selected among the elite to participate in MagTech Corporation’s space training program. But, what should be the chance of a lifetime quickly becomes a horrific nightmare.

Equipped with your Magtech glove, you must harness the ability to magnetically polarize and manipulate objects in the environment to survive and surpass challenging puzzles.

Your reflexes and ingenuity will be pushed to their limits as you make your way through 40+ immense and dangerous levels, including high-tech training rooms and the endless chasms of the lost cosmos, on a path to confront the horrendous creatures of Cthulhu!