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MAGIX PC CHECK & TUNING 2011  is a secure & reliable solution for optimizing and accelerating your PC, it helps you analyze and fix common system-dependent problems as well as optimize internal settings. It also offers functions for personal adjustment of the operating system that work using Windows’ own settings functions by supplementing or grouping them in different ways.

I already reviewed  MAGIX PC CHECK & TUNING 2010 free version which has limited functions compared to full version and the free version impressed me very much. Now the MAGIX PC CHECK & TUNING 2011 full (paid) version  has many features that  will help you to  boost the performance of Windows with very little effort.

Everyday use of home computers can lead to hard drive fragmentation, unintentional software installation, file and media duplication (photos, music, documents), as well as unwanted software installed with the initial purchase of a home computer (commonly referred to as “bloat ware”). These problems, along with many others can slow down the operation and reliability of a user’s computer. Resolving these issues with a single button press is what MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 does best.

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 is  a comprehensive software solution for predictive testing, maintenance and speed of computers and notebooks running under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The program has a complete set of tools for cleaning, tuning and optimizing your system. All in one step, the program will analyze your computer, detects problems and fix them all. Even without starting the main program, “PC Check Live” controls system in the background to give stability.

Simplicity is best, so with a single button click users are able to analyze their operating system’s file structure, discover out-of-date drivers and programs, and correct systemic issues with both devices and software. Live system monitoring allows for the automatic updates to both drivers and software. Older and more heavily used PCs can benefit from this service as much, or more, than new computers.

In the paid version MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011, the program guarantees high-speed performance and the reduction of power consumption your system uses. This can be particularly helpful for maximizing a laptop’s battery life, or returning your PC to its original operating speed and performance. With a single license you can install it on three separate PCs to optimize performance. With advanced data shredding, sensitive documents are more secure, and when users need more power, they can select High-speed mode.

In a single sentence MAGIX PC CHECK & TUNING 2011 (6.0.404.1055) is a complete PC tool kit for cleaning up and optimizing any PC.

Key Functions/ Features of  MAGIX PC CHECK & TUNING 2011 :

    1. PC Check

The PC Check analyzes weaknesses and problems in the system and lists them. Short problem descriptions may be accessed directly to keep an overview and to see where problems are present. Click the solution recommendation to quickly and conveniently correct them.

    1. Increase performance

Optimize your startup time, performance, and stability to work faster and to keep your PC from crashing. MAGIX PC Check Tuning 2011 enables the system start to be customized, drives to be defragmented,drivers to be updated, and much more.

    1. Free up drive space

Remove unnecessary garbage. You can not only empty the recycling bin, butalso delete cookies or Internet history that have secretly been saved by your Internet browser, uninstall programs that are no longer needed, and much more .

    1. Secure data

Back up your data to your hard drives to protect against unpleasant loss of data. Besides simple file backups, you can also create partition backups to copy entire sections of the hard drive (partitions). If files have been deleted that you still need, then these may be restored via the file rescuing function.

    1. Windows appearance

Adjust the appearance of your Windows operating system according to your wishe: select how your start menu should look like, which animations and effects may be used, how fonts are to be displayed, etc.

    1. Info – My PC

This area is accessible via the task manager (familiar from Windows) with advanced functions for more influence and a better overview of facts about your PC and its activities.

    1. Save power

Whether to save money or if you would like to work on a computer as long as possible using the battery, you can choose from the power saving schemes or make changes yourself. To do so, go to the “Power saving”

    1. 1-click quick maintenance

With the 1-click quick maintenance feature in MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011, which can be accessed via a desktop icon and the program folder, you can conduct basic maintenance functions without having to open the program.

    1. MAGIX PC Check Live

MAGIX PC Check Live a useful little program included with the installation of MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011. It starts as soon as you log on to your computer, it runs in the background, and is intended to provide your PC with permanent protection: Is a virus scanner, a firewall, etc. installed, current, and active? Do the values of the built-in hard drive(s) comply with norms, or could
they be damaged?

MAGIX PC CHECK & TUNING 2011 Full version for Free :

Normally  Paid version of  PC Check & Tuning 2011 will cost $40 or 29,99 EURO, now it  is available for free to every one. Interested users can  get the free MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2012  serial number from this giveawaypage .

Download : MAGIX PC Check & Tuning v6

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  1. Interested users can get the free MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2012 serial number from this giveawaypage .

    this is for 2012 or 2011???

  2. If installing on W8 Developer Preview Edition be sure to set a restore point before installing. Install appeared to go smoothly but when I ran the program it did not ask for a serial number and deleted several other programs including licensed versions of other Magix software. Now Windows Update does not function properly (exits with message of network error), updated drivers for the motherboard were removed and probably other things I didn’t notice. Since this was a test box I wiped the HD and reinstalled W8 but won’t be reinstalling MAGIX PC CHECK & TUNING 2011. It might be a fine program and do what it says but I can’t recommend installing on W8 and highly suggest setting a restore point before installing on previous versions of Windows.

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