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MAGIX Music Maker EDM Edition Free License [Windows]

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MAGIX Music Maker offers an easy start and the option to dive deeper into the world of music production.

A giant, high-quality sound archive, an especially an intuitive approach to creating original music, plus many useful functions result in an unbeatable complete package for making your own songs.

The handling is especially easy and consistent. The included sound files can be combined with the software synthesizers easily.

MP3 songs can be used with audio CD tracks, your own music recordings and even videos, photos or graphics. Even VST and DirectX plug-ins or MIDI files can be added easily.

This turns your computer into a universal production studio for music and all other kinds of multimedia files.


MAGIX Music Maker EDM Edition:


MAGIX Music Maker is the ideal program for creating professional-sounding recordings without having to learn any complicated musical theory.

You can simply combine the professionally produced loops in the intuitive arranger and mix them to create your own personal sound.

Are you aiming for a unique sound that will set you apart from the crowd?

Then try creating your own special sounds with the included software synthesizers or load your own plug-in synthesizers.

High-quality effects help to give your tracks the final polish or you can take things in the other direction and distort them until they are almost unrecognizable.

Express your own creativity by recording your vocals or instruments and adding them to the project.

Whether rock, techno or film music, you can produce all kinds of tracks using the wide range of styles available in the program.

When you combine elements from different style libraries the tempo is adjusted automatically to make sure your arrangement fits together perfectly.

MAGIX Music Maker interface

Who knows? Maybe flamenco rock or country techno is the next big thing.

If you need even more sounds and samples, Catooh offers a rich selection of audio, video, images and professionally created a sound
effects, which can add even more variety to your project.

Or how about a remix? Load up your favourite hits from the past and add some fat bass or a totally modern beat! When you load audio CD tracks and MP3s into Music

Maker the tempo of the song is recognized and adjusted to fit the project.

The track can also automatically be cut into loops.

But music alone isn’t everything! You can import images and video files to your project, including text and add video effects and cool

The finished video can be directly exported from Music Maker and posted on MAGIX Online Album, Youtube or Facebook.


MAGIX Music Maker EDM Edition Free License:

Visit this promo page in the German Language.

Log in to your existing Magix account or create a new one and click the ‘Continue’ button.


You will get a serial number for activation of EDM edition to your email inbox from Magix Software GmbH, copy the code.


Download  Magix Music Maker EDM edition online installer from here.


Run the online installer download required files (around 780 MB), complete the installation process and launch the software.

On the main windows click  ‘help’, choose Activate Edition option then enter the serial number you received and hit ‘Activate’ button.


Next, log in to your Magix account and activate EDM edition.

MAGIX Music Maker EDM Edition serial number


1.During installation, avoid installing other apps such as Magix PC optimization tool.

2. Old promo still working, so republished the article.