MAGIX MP3 Maker 15 for Free

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Two months back we shared a similar computer bild promo, now once again chip Magazine in association with software load is giving away €30 or $40 worth MAGIX MP3 Maker 15 fullversion for free.

About MAGIX MP3 Maker 15

Magix MP3 Maker 15 is a complete music solution for superior music recording, playback, and easy administration. Perfect playlists can be automatically created with the unique mufin audiogen recommendation technology. The program offers complete support for recording music from the Internet and imports music from CDs, your PC, or laptop to all standard MP3 players

In other words Magix MP3 Maker includes all the tools you need to make the most of your music collection.

key features of “MAGIX MP3 Maker 15″:

  • Import & convert:
  • The CD ripper quickly transforms CDs into MP3s, creates exact 1:1 copies, and optimizes audio books in all common formats.

  • Record & normalize:
  • Automatically record from, subscribe to, and normalize the volume of more than 5,000 stations.

  • Tag & rename:
  • Rename entire folder batches or MP3 archives according to your preferences, plus generate new tags from file names and find all double titles.

  • Play & mix:
  • Constantly new recommendations for titles being played, share songs with others via networks, and mix song with transitions like a DJ.

  • Manage & edit:
  • Don’t just collect music, but quickly find just what you want, create amazing playlists, and cut single MP3s out of radio programs.

  • Burn & back up:
  • Fill up on fresh music and new podcasts for all MP3 players, copy music CDs, and rearrange your music the way you want it.


    How to get MAGIX MP3 Maker 15 for Free ?

    1. First register an account at softwareload(click here),by entering required fields in the form as shown in below image.
    2. After account creation, login in to your account, by clicking the conformation link sent by softwareload.
    3. Now visit this page, now check the boxes there and click “Anmeldung” button
    4. Now you will be forwarded to another webpage,there enter below promo code or Gutschein code and click “jetz..” button as shown in below image.
    5. Promo code : OstergeschenkSWL

    6. Now you will be forwarded to another page,click “jetz..” button as shown in below image.
    7. Finally you will arrive at a webpage,where you can see Magix MP3 Maker 15 license code (Lizenzschlüssel), note down the code.
    8. Download the installation file from (click)here
    9. For Installation process,check our previous post.

    1. Thanks alot for this giveaway
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