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Magix Movie Edit Pro or Magix Video Deluxe Full Version License for Free

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Magix Movie Edit Pro (or Magix Video Deluxe in Europe) is a user-friendly Windows PC video editor aimed at amateur and semi-professional filmmakers. Because of its user-friendliness and consistent rendering, it has become the most popular video editing program in Europe.

Above Movie Edit Pro:

This is a comprehensive, all-in-one PC movie studio.

Magix Movie Edit Pro UI

You may effortlessly edit your recordings on your PC with this MAGIX software, and then burn the finished product on DVD, AVCHD, or Blu-ray Disc. It works wonderfully for presentations on a large screen, monitor, or television.

It can transfer several types of media to a PC, including videos, photos, and audio files. Movies with a longer running time can have their length automatically divided up into chapters or scenes. Similarly, you can use an automated process to edit together multiple recordings into a single video.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

UI & Functioning:

Make your own movies with the addition of music, professional transitions, text, and effects that you choose. The intuitive design, advanced technology, and helpful assistants of the app ensure faultless outcomes in record time.

When you’re done editing your video, you have a few options. You can either copy it back onto tape or import it into your camcorder. We can watch the video on TV after being burned to a disc. You could also upload the clip to a website like YouTube or Facebook and share it with your friends there.

Magix Movie Edit Pro Free 1-Year License:

Visit the giveaway page in the German language (set by CanonFoto Magazine).

Click the “JETZT GRATIS LADEN” (Load Now Free) button.

Magix Video Deluxe Giveaway

Enter your email addresses, accept the terms and conditions (tick the boxes) and click the “Download Now Free” button.

Newsletter DigitalPHOTO ( will send you a confirmation email.

Click the confirmation link (Jetzt aktivieren-Green button) in that email.

After that, you will receive a second email from DigitalPHOTO with the Magix Video Deluxe license code or serial number.

Get the installer from here: (zip file).

Extract the zip file and run the online installer (Video Deluxe).

In the next window, select only MAGIX Movie Edit Pro (uncheck Music Maker) and click the “Continue” button.

Download the setup file; during installation, select a language and continue; apart from English, the software offers six more languages: French, German, Italian, Nederlands, Russian, and Spanish.

Complete the installation process.

Note: You will be encouraged to download and run the Magix PC Check & Tuning application by the setup wizard. That is something you should NOT download.

To activate the pro version, launch the app and choose “Activate with the serial number.” Enter your email address and the code from the giveaway.

magix movie edit pro license

You may then proceed to create an account with MAGIX. Also, the app will ask you to download updates like menu templates, design elements, tiles, and fade effects.

  1. This download from softareload is in German language. I hope that this link will give me the english version and I hope that hthe serial I got will work with this version.

    1. Sadly, the serial does not work

      Oh well.. thanks anyway.

      Great for German speaking prople.

      cheers Les

  2. I want to register at softwareload and it give me a error code 1201.Not work.Only maybe if you give me serial number.I download the program and now i will delete.