Magic Number Machine: The Final calculator for mac

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Magic Number Machine is a complete calculator for Mac OS X (10.4 or later),Its a free piece of software (with source code) than has some really neat tricks up its sleeve to help you work out any of your calculations.Users of Mac OS X 10.2.8/10.3.9 can download a special version of the first version to the latest bugs fixed.

Features of Magic Number Machine:

  • 25 accurate digits of precision
  • Complex numbers
  • Hexdecimal, octal, binary, decimal and 2’s complement display.
  • Floating point numbers, even in non-decimal radices.
  • A full expression history (go back to anything)
  • A graphical display that you can click on to change the entry point
  • Value memory limited only by computer memory.
  • Statistics functions
  • Linear regression
  • Matrix functions including Gaussian elimination, inversion and determinants.
  • Large number of scientific constants built-in.

Magic Number Machine, is only for Mac OS X. Anyone who uses Windows should wait for Windows 7 Calculator to be able to savor something with 25 digits of precision and so many buttons, constant and notation systems.

Magic Number Machine is avery good little application that should replace Apples calculator app any day. It can also calculate from base 2 (binary) all the way up to base 64 hex, which is very cool. If you know of any other maths calculators or programs please leave a comment below

Link: Magic Number Machine